Colonial Airstream - Airstream = Performance

Airstream's low center of gravity and independent torsion axle give you incredible control wherever your journey takes you.

Because an Airstream travel trailer's aerodynamic gives you approximately 20% better fuel economy than towing a conventional box trailer.

Because Airstreams can easily last 40 years and more, rather than the conventional trailer's typical life of 15 years. When you amortize the purchase price over its length of service, an Airstream actually costs less to own than other trailers. Over 70% of all Airstreams ever made are still on the road today!

Resale Value:
Because Airstreams hold their value: resale prices are higher than comparable trailers, sometimes as high as the original purchase price or more, so your Airstream is a good investment.

Because when you tow an Airstream, you feel a sense of pride of ownership that you just don't experience when you're towing a typical box trailer. Other Airstreamers flash their lights, you draw smiles from passersby… you will find it hard to stop at a rest area or gas station without getting drawn into a conversation about your Airstream with a stranger.

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