Colonial Airstream - Airstream at 80

Wally Byam was practically born a traveler. As a young child he traveled with this grandfather, who led a mule train in Baker, Oregon.

Later, as an adolescent, he was a Sheppard, living in a two-wheeled donkey cart outfitted with a kerosene cook stove, food, water and a sleeping bag. These early experiences no doubt contributed in a large part to the direction his life would eventually take.

After finishing high school, Wally signed on with the Merchant Marine serving three years. Upon returning to the US, Wally entered Stanford Universality where he earned a law degree.

Life after Stanford led Wally to work for a publisher of a well known do-it yourself magazine. One article contained plans for the construction of a travel trailer. When readers began complaining about the plans, Wally tried them out and found himself agreeing with his readers.

Wally then set out to build his own model. It was primitive however; it was widely admired. Wally sold these plans for $5.00. In 1931, Wally began building versions of these plans and the rest, as they say, is history.

So yes, they still do make Airstreams. One rivet at a time.

2011 marks the 80th Anniversary for Airstream. Starting in January 2011 thru the end of the calendar year all Airstream products will exhibit a special emblem proudly displaying this special achievement.

Airstream Anniversary 1931 - 2011
Airstream at 80
Airstream at 80

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